Upcoming IPOs in Year 2021

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Last updated on June 29th, 2021 at 03:12 pm

IPOs Upcoming in the Year 2021

The market was buzzing with the listing of four IPOs of Shyam Metalics, Sona BLW, KIMS, and Dodla Dairy in the last week. These IPOs have given an average listing gain of 25%. IPOs like IRFC, Nureca, Heranba, RailTel, Stove Kraft among others have already been launched since January in the year 2021 with the list of upcoming IPOs adding on. Indigo Paints have given fantastic returns to investors with significant listing gains. Check IPO Performance tracker.

Here, find the companies planning to launch their IPOs. The following companies have filed their DRHP with SEBI.IPOs Upcoming in March 2021


Company Name DRHP/RHP Date of DRHP/RHP filing Approximate  IPO Size
Skanray Technologies Limited DRHP filed June 27 2021 To Be Updated
Ruchi Soya Industries DRHP filed June 14 2021 To Be Updated
Sanserra Engineering DRHP filed June 11 2021 To Be Updated
AB Cotspin (SME) DRHP filed June 9 2021 To Be Updated
Ami Organics Limited DRHP filed June 8 2021 To Be Updated
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre DRHP filed June 7 2021 To Be Updated
Windlas Biotech Limited DRHP filed May 17 2021 To Be Updated
Supriya Lifescience Limited DRHP filed May 17 2021 Rs 1200 crore
Devyani International DRHP filed May 17 2021 To Be Updated
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Limited DRHP filed May 17 2021 To Be Updated
Cartrade Tech Limited DRHP filed May 17 2021 To Be Updated
Krsnaa Diagnostics Limited DRHP filed May 15 2021 To Be Updated
Penna Cement Industries Limited DRHP filed May 14 2021 Rs 1550 crore
Medi Assist Healthcare Services DRHP filed May 10 2021 To Be Updated
Fincare SFB Limited DRHP filed May 8 2021 Rs 1330 crore
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation DRHP filed May 6 2021 Rs 5000 crore
Chemplast Sanmar Limited DRHP filed Apr 30 2021 Rs 3500 crore
Zomato Limited DRHP filed Apr 27 2021 Rs 8250 crore
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited DRHP filed Apr 19 2021 To Be Updated
Glenmark Life Sciences DRHP filed Apr 16 2021 To Be Updated
GR Infraprojects Limited DRHP filed Apr 13 2021 To Be Updated
Shriram Properties Limited DRHP filed Apr 9 2021 Rs 800 cr
Clean Science and Technology Ltd DRHP filed Apr 6 2021 To Be Updated
Tatva Chintan Pharma DRHP filed Mar 31 2021 Rs 450 cr
Jana Small Finance Bank DRHP filed Mar 31 2021 To Be Updated
Exxaro Tiles Limited DRHP filed Mar 15, 2021 To Be Updated
Rolex Rings Limited DRHP filed Mar 17, 2021 To Be Updated
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited DRHP filed Mar 5 2021 Rs 1350 cr
Montecarlo Limited DRHP filed Mar 8 2021 To Be Updated
Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited DRHP filed Mar 9 2021 To Be Updated
Aarohan Financial Services Limited DRHP filed Feb 15 2021 Rs 850 cr
Seven Islands Shipping Limited DRHP filed Feb 15 2021 Rs 600 cr
Aadhar Housing Finance DRHP filed Jan 25 2021 Rs 7300 cr
ESAF Small Finance Bank DRHP filed Dec 1 2020 Rs 976.24 cr


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