44th GST Council Meeting

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44th GST Council Meeting was conducted on Saturday,12th June 2021. Within a span of 15 days, the Council met for a virtual meeting again to discuss the rate cut on COVID essentials under the Chairmanship of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Major decisions were taken in the previous 43rd GST Council Meeting which was held on 28th May 2021.

In the meantime, the GSTN portal is likely to deploy new functionalities on the portal for the ease of taxpayers. Various Committees have been formed or partially modified after the last GST Council Meeting. Check out all the latest updates on GST date-wise.

Decisions taken in 44th GST Council Meeting

Today’s meeting was a single agenda meeting to discuss the recommendations provided by the committee of Group of Ministers. Reduction /Exemptions in GST Rates on COVID essentials will be applicable up to 30th September 2021. This period may be further extended if required considering the situation prevalent nearing the end of September 2021. Based on the replies given during the media press briefing it is likely that notifications for the same shall be issued on 14th June 2021.


Particulars Current Rate Reduced Rate
Tocilizumab 5% Nil
Amphotericin B 5% Nil
Anti-Coagulants like Heparin 12% 5%
Remdesivir 12% 5%
If any other drug is recommended by Government for Covid treatment Prevailing Rates 5%

Note: Health Ministry has issued guidelines for COVID treatment which discourages the use of Remdesivir.

Oxygen, Oxygen generation equipment, and related medical devices 

Particulars Current Rate Reduced Rate
Medical Grade Oxygen 12% 5%
Oxygen Concentrator (also for personal imports) 12% 5%
Oxygen Generator  (also for personal imports) 12% 5%
Ventilators 12% 5%
Ventilator masks 12% 5%
Ventilator canula 12% 5%
Ventilator helmet 12% 5%
BiPAP Machine 12% 5%
High flow nasal cannula (HFNC) device 12% 5%

Testing Kits and Machines

Particulars Current Rate Reduced Rate
Covid Testing Kits 12% 5%
Specified Inflammatory Diagnostic Kits, namely
 IL-6 12% 5%
 D-Dimer 12% 5%
Ferritin 12% 5%
LDH 12% 5%

Other Covid-19 related relief material

Particulars Current Rate Reduced Rate
Pulse Oximeters, incl personal imports thereof 12% 5%
Hand Sanitizer 18% 5%
Temperature check equipment 18% 5%
Gas/Electric/other furnaces for a crematorium, including their installation, etc. 18% 5%
Ambulances 28% 12%

Note: Decisions taken in GST Council Meeting become effective only upon issuance of notifications/circulars in the Official Gazette. 


CA Ankita Khetan


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