Details that will reflect in Form 26AS

Form 26AS
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Last updated on May 27th, 2022 at 01:53 pm

Details that will reflect in Form 26AS

The following details will be provided in 26AS

Basic details of Assessee

⇒ Name of the Assessee

⇒ Permanent Account Number

⇒ Aadhaar Number

⇒ Registered Mobile Number

⇒ Registered Email Address

⇒ Date of Birth/Incorporation

⇒ Current status of PAN (active/inactive/deleted)

Information relating to Tax

⇒ Details of tax deducted at source

⇒ Details of tax collected at source

⇒ Details of advance tax paid

⇒ Details of self-assessment tax paid

⇒ Details of Income-tax demand/refund

Information relating to Assessment Proceedings 

⇒ Details regarding the pending proceedings

⇒ Details regarding the completed proceedings

Other Information

⇒ Details relating to Specified Financial Transaction (What to do when SFT transactions reflect in your 26AS?)

⇒ Details regarding income or assets located outside India (based on information received by IT Department from other countries under the treaty)

⇒ Details regarding any adverse action/order under any other law such as GST, Custom, Benami Law, FEMA, etc


How to view Form 26AS?| How to download Form 26AS? 

Steps to view tax credit in Form 26AS

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Login using credentials

Step 3 – On the Dashboard, go to e-file>Income Tax Returns>View Form 26AS

Step 4 – You have to click on “Confirm”  on the disclaimer that you are being redirected to the TDS-CPC website.

Step 5 – You have to click on the checkbox to “proceed” which takes consent to use information from Form 16.

Step 6 – You have to click on “View Tax Credit(Form 26AS)

Step 7 – You select the “Assessment Year” from the drop-down list and select whether you wish to view it as “HTML/Text” from the drop-down menu.

Note: If your PAN is mapped with the bank account then you can view/download your tax credit(26AS) after logging through net banking from the bank’s official website(Don’t need separate login details for viewing 26AS).

Note: You can view/download your tax credit(26AS) from the traces website at  (You need to first register on this website as a taxpayer for viewing 26AS).


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