Fundamental Analysis- Clean Science and Technology IPO

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Last updated on July 7th, 2021 at 08:49 pm

Key Financial Highlights of Clean Science and Technology

  • Robust Financial Performance: The company’s total revenue increased by 25% in FY21 to Rs 538.07 crore from Rs 430.17crore for FY20. PAT posted for FY21 was Rs 198 crore in FY21 as against Rs 139 crore in FY20.
  • The Issuer posted strong EBITDA and net margins as plotted in the chart.
  • RoNW for FY21 is 37%. The Issuer has negligible debt on the books.
  • With an EPS of 18.68 per share, the P/E is 48.18 times calculated at the upper price band of Rs 900 per share. The average sector P/E is 55.38x indicating the Issue to be fully priced.
  • P/BV is 17.71x at an upper price band of Rs 900 per share.

Business analysis of Clean Science and Technology IPO

Chart showing margins

Valuation Parameters


Valuation Parameters EPS P/E NAV P/BV
18.68 48.18 50.81 17.71


Peers Key Financial Metrics

Peer Comparison Total Income (FY21) EPS P/E RoNW
Vinati Organics 980.1 26.2 68.43 17.45%
Fine organics 1150.3 39.25 75.93 16.45%
Atul 3834.5 221.17 40.01 17.11%
Camlin Fine 1192.1 4.13 47.65 9.16%
SRF Limited 8454.5 205.54 34.37 17.47%
Navin Fluorine 1258.4 52.03 64.43 15.76%
PI Industries 4701.9 49.92 56.83 13.82%
Clean Science 538.1 18.68 48.18 36.76%


Investment Strategy- Subscribe

Clean Science and Technology Company is a global company focused on manufacturing speciality chemicals. The company has a niche market segment. Issuer’s financial performance is robust with strong margins and low debt levels. Hence, one may subscribe to the IPO.

RHP of Clean Science and Technology IPO


CA Priyanka Choudhary Jain


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