Affidavit for HUF PAN CARD application

AFFIDAVIT for HUF PAN CARD application
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Last updated on October 28th, 2022 at 04:55 pm

Affidavit for HUF PAN CARD application

If one wants to apply for PAN for a HUF, a duly filled and signed Form 49A  is required to be submitted to any of the TIN-FCs managed by NSDL. Rule 114 of Income-tax Rules have been amended to add a few more regulations and tighten the process for issuing a Permanent Account Number. Application for PAN of HUF can be made online too but the following documents need to be submitted physically only by post or courier.

Learn about the taxability of Income of HUF

Learn about the next step of opening the bank account for HUF

Make sure to intimate Karta’s Aadhaar or enrolment ID of the Aadhaar Application with the HUF PAN else a penalty u/s 234H shall be levied and HUF’s PAN will become inoperative.

The Karta of HUF will be required to submit the following documents

What documents are required for the application for a HUF PAN card?

  • Duly filled and signed Form 49A
  • A copy of a document that serves as proof of the identity of Karta of the Hindu undivided family.
  • A copy of a document that serves as proof of the address of Karta of the Hindu undivided family.
  • A copy of a document that serves as proof of the date of birth of Karta of the Hindu undivided family.
  • A copy of the notarized affidavit on stamp paper.

What are the requirements of an Affidavit for HUF?

An affidavit stating the name, father’s name, and address of all the coparceners on the date of application.

  • There is no specific format for the affidavit.  (A specimen has been attached below for reference).
  • An affidavit has to be on judicial stamp paper. Again the amount of stamp duty is not specified.  (General practice is to do it on stamp paper of Rs 50/-).
  • An affidavit needs to be notarized.

What is the fees for HUF PAN and the available mode of payment?

The fee for processing PAN applications can be made either by

  • Demand Draft shall be in favor of ‘NSDL – PAN’ payable at Mumbai.
  • The cheque shall be deposited with any HDFC Bank branch across the country (except Dahej). “NSDL-PAN” should be mentioned on the deposit slip.
  • Net banking
  • Debit Card/ Credit Card

What is the address for sending documents for HUF PAN?

Duly signed a copy of acknowledgment(if applied online) or dully filled and signed Form 49A, along with all the above documents should be sent to NSDL at the below-mentioned address:-

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,

5th floor, Mantri Sterling,

Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8,

Model Colony,

Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,

Pune – 411016

Note: If applied online then acknowledgment, demand draft/cheque if any, and proofs and affidavit should reach NSDL within 15 days from the date of online application.

After filing an application for a HUF PAN card. A few mandatory requirements before transacting any business in name of HUF

Affidavit for the formation of HUF is to be notarized?

YES. The affidavit for the formation of HUF is required to be executed on stamp paper and has to be notarised by a Notary public in India.

NO. It is not mandatory to create/make a HUF deed. But having a properly documented deed is advisable. Note: It is not mandatory to have a HUF deed on stamp paper or notarized.


Specimen of Affidavit for HUF PAN Application


I,  __________________ (Name of Karta) , son of ________________(Father’s name of Karta) aged ___________ years, residing at_______________(Address of Karta) and as Karta of my Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) affirm on oath and declare as under: –

  1. That I am Karta of our HUF which is known as ______________(Name of HUF).
  2. That as of today, names of the coparceners (including the name of Karta) of our above said HUF, their father’s name, and their addresses are as under: –
Sr. No. Name of Coparceners Name of Father Address
1 Name of Karta  Father’s name Address
2 Spouse of Karta  Father’s name Address
3 Child of Karta Father’s name Address
4 Child of Karta Father’s name Address


That the above said HUF is in existence since _____________(DOB of child).

Place : ___________                                             (Sign of Karta)

Date : ___________                                                  Deponent                                                                                                                                    



I, ___________(Name of Karta), son of __________________(Father’s name of Karta)  hereby verify that as per my best of my knowledge above mentioned contents of this affidavit are true and correct and nothing was hidden therefrom.

(Sign of Karta)


Click here to download the above format of the Affidavit for HUF in the word document


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  1. This was really helpful. Thanks a ton for sharing the format of an affidavit for HUF.

  2. would you please suggest good software for GST_compliance for Practitioner !
    Thank You for your HUF_Pan documentation details !

      • Dear Sir/Mam,

        I want to apply for huf pan card. Elder member in my family is my mother , I want to know that can my mother become the karta of the huf as she is the elder member after my father’s death.

        Nitin Bansal

        • HUF Affidavit is mandatory with the application of PAN for HUF.

          HUF Deed is like a partnership deed which contains a lot more information than an affidavit. You may or may not prepare a separate HUF deed. For the ones who do not prepare a separate HUF deed, an affidavit will serve the purpose of the deed as well as an affidavit.

          Hope that helps.

          • Yes, that helps, thank you! I googled to see what a deed looks like and noticed that many people are sharing the affidavit format as a sample deed. I spoke to a couple of friends who did HUF long ago and neither did a deed. I find many recommendations on creating a deed, but nothing concrete on why it is beneficial and definitely no sample.

  3. Nice information for HUF & PAN – HUF. My recent huf pan card is spoiled then how can one apply for new huf pan card with some corrections in un availability of huf deed ? Is it mandatory to mention all members of family in affidavit ?

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