Talk Show – SUPER ACHIEVER (True आत्मनिर्भर)

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Talk Show – SUPER ACHIEVER (True आत्मनिर्भर)

(A dedicated talk show with Specially abled Personalities)

Featuring Hidden Gems of our Profession
An Initiative by Connect Easy


Renowned Speaker: CA. Subhash Shinde

What makes our guest a super-achiever? 

  1. Lost vision in the right eye during 9th standard while playing
  2. Lost right leg thigh bone in a car accident in 2002, resulting in being bedridden for 3 and a half years.
  3. Despite so much hardship in life, completed CA exams in 25 years at the age of 45+ years.
  4. Despite vernacular medium education, he didn’t give up on doing CA.
  5. How did he establish his Practice in 2013?

and much much more…

Words of Appreciation: CA Sanjeev Kr Singhal, CCM ICAI & CA Chintan Patel, RCM WIRC ICAI

Date: 30th August 2020, Sunday

Time: 11:00 am onwards

Cost: Free of cost


Live streaming:

You can also ask your questions to him during the interaction.

Contact for further details: CA Virag Shah +91 7043154500

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