ICAI : Important announcement for members and students

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ICAI: Important announcement for members and students

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, yesterday on April 16, 2019 made an important announcement which will apply to all the members and students. ICAI is currently working towards digitisation and is continuously evolving towards automation.

As a part of such automation, it has re-engineered its processes so that end users i.e. members and students find the transactions easier and user-friendly. As a result of such automation drive, ICAI has now announced that:

“As entire ICAI is moving towards new Digital platform, PHYSICAL DAK including CHEQUES / DD’s will not be accepted by Regional Offices and Branches beyond 6th May 2019.”

Creation of SSP (Self Service Portal)

ICAI has initiated the craetion of SSP (Self Service Portal), an initiative to make applications (Forms) and transactions (Services) – faster and easier.  The implementation of this programme will start from the third week of May 2019.

ICAI has scheduled a one-time migration activity from old system to new system from 6th May 2019. The entire IT Systems (including e-services) with respect to Members and Student Services will not be available between 6th May to 22nd May 2019 and the Regional Offices will not be able to process any form or any other transaction.

What is the change?

  • IT systems including e-services for members and students will not be available between 6th May to 22nd May 19
  • Regional Offices will not be able to process any form or any other transaction
  • Only the membership renewal link will be available and Members will be able to make fee payments through online mode
  • New Students of Foundation Course and Direct Entry will also be able to register.
  • After the date, all transactions in the new system will be OTP based transaction.
  • From 22nd May, 2019 (Wednesday), ICAI will accept only Online Application forms only through e-services at the link on the website of ICAI.

Word of caution:

  • All the members should ensure to update and validate their e-mail address and mobile number as a one-time activity before 6th May 2019 to ensure access to the new system.
  • For any assistance Members & Students are requested contact their concerned Regional Offices.
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